Why should I purchase Locate PC?

  1. There is a 1 in 10 chance your laptop will be stolen this year.  This increases for business travelers.
  2. 97% of people who have had their computer stolen will never get it back.
  3. A stolen computer can put you at risk for identity theft.
  4. A stolen computer gives the thief access to all of your stored passwords.
  5. Even if your computer isn’t stolen, but you have a lost computer, the cost to replace the software can be extremely expensive (For example, having to replace Adobe software, music downloads, game downloads, etc).
  6. A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds – that comes to more than 12,000 laptops per week.
  7. For business owners, a stolen laptop or stolen computer can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential losses.  When it comes to IT companies, this can put a company out of business – all over a stolen computer or stolen laptop.
  8. The majority of stolen computer cases are because of employee theft.  This puts your clients at risk for identity theft if you store your customer’s information on the stolen computer.
  9. All of your personal pictures, movies, contacts, and documents are available to the thief, and unless you have them backed up, the chances of them being recovered are slim to none.

How does Locate PC work?

  1. Your stolen laptop or stolen computer will transmit the current IP address, hardware setting, and router settings daily.  You can configure it to check in as often as you want.
  2. Login to the Locate PC secure website
  3. Track and monitor your stolen computer or missing computer from anywhere.

Can I track a stolen computer or stolen laptop with Locate PC on a Mac?

  1. Yes!  Locate PC is available on both PC and Mac computers.  It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, as well as OSX.
  2. You can also download Locate PC from the Apple Apps store, “LocatePC Mobile Tracker,” which will let you track your lost computer or stolen computer from your iPhone or iPad, with almost the same features as the LocatePC website.

What if you can’t find my stolen computer or stolen laptop?

If we fail to return your stolen laptop or stolen computer, we will give you up to $1,000 to replace your computer.

What are some of the features with Locate PC?

  1. Geolocation – A mobile tracker application for the iPad and iPhone will alert you when your stolen laptop or stolen computer has a change in IP address.
  2. Video Snap Shot – If your stolen computer has a webcam, Locate PC will take a snap shot every 30 seconds.
  3. Key Logging – The stolen computer will record every keystroke.  If the thief logs into Facebook, you will have access to their username and password.
  4. Text Message – Receive a text message to your phone or email when the stolen computer or stolen laptop has a change in IP address.
  5. Text to Screen – Send a message to your stolen computer, and it will pop up on the screen.
  6. Shut down – Shut down the stolen computer every time it is turned on.
  7. File Recovery – Once installed, you can set up folders you want constant access to.  You can also delete specified files, i.e. personal bank records.
  8. Monitoring – See a map of where your stolen computer or stolen laptop is located.
  9. Groups – Organize many computers running the LocatePC software, and assign them to departments. I.e. sales, marketing, freshmen class, or biology dept.
  10. Reports – Get PDF reports of short inventory, detailed inventory, keylogger reports, image reports, and insurance reports.
  11. Police/ Insurance Report – Click a button to report a stolen computer or stolen laptop with detailed information to send to the police or insurance company.
  12. Unlimited monitoring – You only need one account to monitor one, two, or hundreds of computers.
  13. Free Upgrades!