What are the steps should I take if my computer is lost or stolen?

      1. Contact law enforcement. This includes local or campus police. If your company has on site security guards, please contact them after contacting the police.
      2. Call our Computer Security Response Team at 866-354-4288 Ext. 911, to report your computer stolen and commence the tracking process.
      3. Login to the LocatePC/Mac dashboard to track you compute as well as use some of the advance features such as:
        • Send a message to your computer screen with anything you like, such as “Return my computer, please. You can call me at 212-555-1234”
        • Send a command to have your computer shut down.
        • If your computer has a camera, you can take snap shots of the thief.
        • Turn on a key logger to record all the keystrokes of the thief.